Stake Blobber

This page provides a comprehensive guide for staking Blobber via Chimney, ensuring a smooth process and maximizing your ZCN rewards.

In the context of Blobbers, staking serves as a means to allocate storage resources in exchange for ZCN Rewards.


  1. To begin, navigate to the Chimney dashboard and locate the 'Stake' option. The stake section is highlighted in the black box in the screenshot below.

  1. The application will then display your current stake details.

These details consist of the following components:

- Total Stake Amount: Amount Totally Staked to blobber and validator for rewards - Claimable Staking Rewards: Rewards Generated by Staking - Validator Stakes: Amount Staked to Validators for validating challenges - Blobber Stakes: Amount Staked to Blobbers for storing store user data files.

  1. To initiate the staking process, click on the 'Add Stake' button. This button is also highlighted in the screenshot below.

  1. Next, you'll be prompted to choose whether you wish to stake with a Blobber or Validator. Make your selection and proceed to the next step.

  1. Specify the amount you want to stake, and then click 'Next' to continue.

  1. Confirm your stake amount, as well as any associated transaction fees, by clicking on 'Confirm and Stake.'

The terms mentioned in the screenshot are as follows:

  • Add Stake: The sum you intend to stake.

  • Fees: The fees associated with staking to Blobbers and Validators.

  • Current Total: The total amount currently staked with either Blobbers or Validators.

  • Future Total: The projected total after your staking contribution.

  1. To complete the staking process, you can either pay for the stake amount using your wallet balance or purchase ZCN tokens using a credit card or ERC-20 Tokens.

  1. Within seconds, Chimney will successfully submit your stake to the Blobber.

  1. Finally, the total stake amount you've allocated will be reflected on the Chimney dashboard's stake page. For further clarity, please refer to the screenshot below:

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