Register to Hackathon

Step-by-Step instructions for registering into Hackathon.

  1. Head to and you should see the webpage similar to the screenshot below.

2. Click on 2023 Züs Hackathon on the upper right of the webpage. See the screenshot below the 2023 Züs Hackathon button is highlighted in grey border.

  1. It will take you to /hackathon page, here you can click on the Register button on the upper right to register for hackathon. The register button is highlighted in grey in screenshot below :

  1. Another way to register for the hackathon is by scrolling down on the /hackathon page and you should see the upcoming hackathons listed with descriptions similar to the screenshot below. Click on the Sign-up button to register.

  1. In both steps 3 and 4 described above whether you are registering to Hackathon via Register or Sign Up button you can sign up via Gmail or Github account. The popup to sign up will be similar to screenshot below :

  1. After signing up successfully with your Gmail or Github account you will be automatically redirected to Team Registration Page. Under the Team Registration page you can register for the hackathon by choosing the hackathon from the dropdown under Event Code, providing other necessary details and clicking Submit. See the screenshot below for reference.

  1. You can also edit team members later by clicking on the Edit Team in the Team Registration page. You need to provide the Hackathon Event Code when editing teams. Note: The Hackathon Event Code can be found in the Hackathon List Page. Check the screenshot at point 4 where the upcoming hackathon is listed.

  1. Once done with the submission click on Submit Project.

  1. The site will redirect you to the page where projects can be submitted or edited.

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