Stake to Service Providers and Earn Rewards

  1. Click on "Add Stake."

  1. Specify the service provider (miners, sharders, or blobbers) to which you want to stake tokens, and click "Next."

  1. For example, let's select Miners for staking and click "Next." The app will list all the available miners on the network.

4. Select a specific miner and click "Next."

5. The app will display the current amount staked on the chosen miner. To confirm your stake, click on "Stake."

6. Specify the amount you want to stake and click "Next."

  1. The app will provide a total summary of the stake. Click on "Confirm and Stake" to proceed further.

  1. Finally, a prompt will be displayed confirming the submission of your stake.

  1. You can view your total stake and stake rewards after submitting your stake in the Stake section of the app.

Next Steps

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