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View Züs Storage Breakdown in a funnel chart.

The funnel chart demonstrates the complete hierarchy of storage on the Züs network.

In summary, these terms provide a comprehensive overview of the storage management system, explaining the concepts of maximum capacity, how stakeholders can support a blobber, the allocation of storage space to clients, and the differentiation between the capacity that has been staked, allocated, and is actively in use.

  1. Max Capacity

    • This refers to the total storage capacity that is available on the servers of storage providers. It represents the maximum storage space that these servers can offer to clients or users.

  2. Unstaked

    • This represents an opportunity for delegates to stake their resources on a blobber, which is a component of the storage network, until it reaches its maximum capacity.

    • Delegates have the option to allocate their resources to the blobber to support its operations and potentially earn rewards.

  3. Staked

    • Staked indicates the amount of storage capacity that has been committed by delegates or stakeholders on a blobber. This means that delegates have chosen to contribute their resources to the blobber's capacity.

  4. Unallocated

    • Unallocated capacity is calculated as the difference between the total capacity staked on the blobber and the capacity that has already been allocated to clients.

    • It represents the available free storage space on the blobbers that has not yet been claimed or purchased by clients.

  5. Allocated

    • Allocated capacity refers to the storage space that has been locked or reserved by clients when they purchase storage allocations on the blobber.

    • Clients, by allocating capacity, essentially reserve a portion of the blobber's total capacity for their own use.

  6. Used

    • Used capacity represents the actual storage space that is currently in use on the server.

    • This space is occupied by data that has been uploaded by clients, and it reflects the portion of the blobber's capacity that is actively being utilized.

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