Use Blimp as S3 Server

This page provides instructions on how to use blimp as S3 server.

  1. Begin by Signing up for Blimp, after successful signup you will be automatically directed to the Blimp homepage.

2. On the Blimp homepage, locate and click on the "+ Create Allocation" button.

  1. Within the allocation creation process, select "S3 Server" and proceed by clicking "Confirm."

  1. Enter the necessary allocation configuration details and confirm your selections.

  1. Next, choose your preferred Blobber for hosting files by selecting "Add" and then confirming your choice.

  1. Confirm the token amount for storage.

  1. Review token amount for creating allocation.

  1. If you already have ZCN balance, you can use it for payment. Otherwise, you can buy ZCN in exchange for ERC-20 tokens. For instructions on buying ZCN, refer to the section titled "Buying ZCN for Storage." In this context, we will pay from existing balance.

  1. Subsequently, you will need to create a server instance and provide the IP address of your AWS EC2 server instance. Afterward, click on "Generate Script." Refer to the screenshot below for reference.

  1. Upon clicking "Generate Script," Blimp will provide you with a script to copy and execute on your EC2 instance. Please refer to the screenshot below for reference:

  1. SSH into your EC2 instance and execute the generated script. A preview following successful script execution is provided below:

  1. After successfully running the script on your EC2 instance, click on the "Click here if you ran the script on your server successfully" button.

  1. You can now perform S3 operations.

  1. Specify a Bucket Name, select "Create Bucket" request, and click on "Make CURL request." Refer to the screenshot below for the CURL request output:

Next Steps

  • For a comprehensive list and detailed descriptions of S3 commands, please refer to the S3 Operations section.

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