Step 5 : Create a wallet using zwalletcli

This part assumes that your sharder, and miner containers are perfectly running. In this part, we will create a wallet using zwalletcli and then start the blobber using the wallet id.

  1. Once the wallet is created . Navigate back to the .zcn folder

cd $HOME/.zcn/
  1. Open the wallet.json file. It should be similar to the similar to the output below:

  1. Copy the wallet client_id value and paste it into blobbers and validators settings. These are found in blobber/config directory.

  2. Navigate to the blobber config directory :

cd blobber/config

You will see blobber and validation files listed

~/blobber/config$ ls
0chain_blobber.yaml  0chain_validator.yaml  localhost.crt  localhost.key
  1. Open both the configuration files 0chain_blobber.yaml 0chain_validator.yaml and edit the delegate_wallet value with client_id copied from wallet. Here is a sample configuration file below:

# [configurations above]

# for testing
#  500 MB - 536870912
#    1 GB - 1073741824
#    2 GB - 2147483648
#    3 GB - 3221225472
capacity: 1073741824 # 1 GB bytes total blobber capacity
read_price: 0.01     # token / GB for reading
write_price: 1.00    # token / GB for writing
# min_lock_demand is value in [0; 1] range; it represents number of tokens the
# blobber earned even if a user will not read or write something
# to an allocation; the number of tokens will be calculated by the following
# formula
#     allocation_size * write_price * min_lock_demand
min_lock_demand: 0.1
# max_offer_duration restrict long contacts where,
# in the future, prices can be changed
max_offer_duration: 744h # 31 day
challenge_completion_time: 1m # 15m # duration to complete a challenge

# delegate wallet for all rewards, if it's empty, then blobber ID used
delegate_wallet: 'b145bf241eab00c9865a3551b18028a6d12b3ef84df8b4a5c317c8d184a82412'
  1. Create a network.yaml file in your ~/.zcn directory and add the following lines of code

      - http://localhost:7071
      - http://localhost:7072
      - http://localhost:7073
      - http://localhost:7171

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