Make allocation Immutable

Modifying an allocation to be immutable within Blimp will effectively deactivate all CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations for that allocation, with the exception of upload and read functionalities. 1. To proceed, navigate to the Blimp website and choose the allocation of your preference, such as Multi-Cloud Storage, S3 Server, or Cloud Migration.

  1. Next, locate the three-dot menu icon associated with your chosen allocation. You can easily spot this icon. For reference it is enclosed within a black box in the screenshot below:

  1. Click on the option labeled "Make Allocation immutable".

  1. Blimp will then prompt you to confirm this selection, restricting operations solely to uploads and reads for the chosen allocation. Go ahead and click "Confirm."

  1. As a result, the allocation's file operations type will be updated to "Upload Only" within the allocation settings.

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