Step 7: Validate Züs deployment

  1. After starting sharders, miners and blobbers verify whether they are up and running perfectly using the command

docker ps

In the response, the following containers should be up and running (see the screenshot below )

Note: if your containers are restarting and are not showing up when using the docker ps command. Try to check the following things

  • Ensure ports mapped to these containers are not mapped to other services.

  • Also, check your RAM and storage space. If you are not using the amount of compute resources specified in the System Requirements section. Your machine will not be able to start all the services and containers

2. If the containers are showing up properly as mentioned in the above screenshot you will also see their port mappings listed in the ports section(see the screenshot above) . To verify the status of a particular miner sharder or blobber open the http://localhost:<portnumber>/

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