Explorer for the Züs network

Atlus provides a range of functionalities, including the ability to view Züs Service Providers, easily access blockchain data charts, obtain summaries of blockchain transactions and block rounds, and retrieve lists of Blobber storage providers by region.

Key Features

View Züs Service Providers

Access to Züs Service Providers information is available within the Atlus dashboard.Users can easily browse and search for Züs Service Providers to discover the available services.

Easily Visualize Blockchain Data

Atlus Explorer provides an intuitive interface to visualize blockchain data through charts.Users can effortlessly access and explore graphical representations of blockchain-related information.

Get Summary of Blockchain Transactions and Rounds:

Users have the capability to retrieve concise summaries of blockchain transactions and block rounds. This feature allows for a quick overview of the most critical data related to the blockchain.

Get List of Storage Providers

Atlus offers the ability to obtain a comprehensive list of Blobber storage providers categorized by region. This enables users to identify storage options specific to their geographical preferences and requirements.

Getting Started with Atlus

The points below offer a concise summary of the various features and functionalities available in the Atlus.

  1. Atlus Dashboard Overview

    This section provides a general introduction to the Atlus Explorer dashboard,

    • Navigation Bar

      • The Atlus dashboard features a navigation bar at the top, providing easy access to different sections of the Atlus Dashboard. Users can click on various tabs or buttons within the navigation bar to navigate to specific areas or perform tasks.

    • Search Bar

      • A search bar is prominently displayed, allowing users to quickly locate information related to transactions.

    • Network Stats

      • The dashboard provides a section dedicated to network statistics, offering insights into the Züs performance and usage.

    • ZCN vs USD

      • This section displays the current exchange rate for ZCN in comparison to the US dollar (USD). Users can monitor the real-time or periodic fluctuations in the value of ZCN and its conversion rate to USD, which can be essential for investors or traders.

    • Top Blobbers

      • The dashboard highlights a section known as "Top Blobbers," which likely represents the most active storage providers on Züs. Users can view a list of blobber entities who has higher blobber rank or performance on Züs.

  2. View Service providers in Atlus This feature allows users to access important information about service providers on the blockchain network. It might include details about nodes or entities providing network services.

  3. View Charts in Atlus Users can access charts and graphical representations of blockchain data using Charts. Charts can help visualize the blockchain's trends, statistics, and historical data.

  4. View Blockchain transactions and block rounds in Atlus Users can explore and analyze specific blockchain transactions and the corresponding block rounds. This feature provides detailed information about individual transactions and the blocks they are included in.

  5. View Blobber List by Region in Atlus

    This feature allows users to view a list of blobbers (storage nodes) on the blockchain network, categorized by their geographic regions. It provides insights into the distribution of storage nodes across different areas.

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