Step 2: Setup the network for Züs components

Build and Configure 0dns

0dns service is responsible for connecting to the network and fetching all the magic blocks from the network, which are saved in the DB. 1. Navigate to 0dns directory

cd 0dns

2. Open the 0dns configuration file(0dns.yaml) using the nano editor.

nano docker.local/config/0dns.yaml

3. Disable both use_https and use_path (set them to false).This is required to fix the miner and sharder URLs so they work locally.

4. Save the changes and run the following command inside the 0dns directory


Here is the screenshot of the terminal after a successful build:

Set up a Docker Network

To create sharder, blobber, miner containers and allow interaction between them. You need to create a network using Docker, which connects them with each other.

  1. To set up a network go to the 0chain directory

    cd 0chain
  2. Run the setup network script


    On successful Setup, you will receive a network ID in response :


Start the 0dns container

To connect to the test network we just created and to fetch all the magic blocks. Run the 0dns container.

1.Navigate to 0dns directory

cd 0dns

2.Run the start script as (sudo or root) using the command.


This should be a response after a successful start:

Starting 0dns ...
[+] Running 1/1
 ⠿ Container 0dns-0dns-1  Started

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