Dashboard Overview

This page provides an overview of the Atlus Explorer Home Page.

Here is an overview of the Atlus Explorer dashboard homepage:

The top section of the Atlus homepage features a navigation bar, which is highlighted by a black box in the screenshot below.

Within this Atlus navigation bar, you will find the following options for redirection:

The Atlus search bar is a powerful tool that facilitates the retrieval of detailed information regarding Züs network transactions. It enables searches based on various parameters, including block, allocation ID, round number, transaction hash, and block hash. Please refer to the screenshot below the search bar is highlighted in black box in screenshot below .

Network Stats

The Atlus Explorer's homepage presents essential statistics pertaining to the Züs network. These statistics include:

These statistics include:

  • Total Staked Storage: The volume of storage staked in exchange for ZCN.

  • Storage Cost: The cost associated with storing files on the Züs storage network (measured in $/TB/year).

  • Current ZCN Price: The current value of the ZCN token in USD.

  • Total Value Locked: The total number of ZCN tokens locked.


Furthermore, the Atlus Explorer Dashboard provides a detailed breakdown of ZCN's price in relation to USD over various time intervals.

Top Blobbers

As you scroll down on the Atlus dashboard, you'll discover a list of the leading blobbers that offer storage services on the Züs Cloud Network.

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