Freeze Allocation

Freezing an allocation within Blimp will effectively deactivate all CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations for that allocation, with the exception read functionalities. 1. Head to the Blimp website and choose your preferred allocation type (Multi-Cloud Storage, S3 Server, Cloud Migration).

  1. Next, click on the three dots corresponding to your chosen allocation. These three dots are clearly indicated within a black box in the screenshot below: below:

  1. Afterward, select "Freeze Allocation."

Note: Freeze Allocation will forbid all type of operations on allocation and make it read-only.

  1. Blimp will prompt you to confirm this action. Proceed by selecting "Freeze" to confirm.

  1. Subsequently, the allocation file operation type will be adjusted to "Read Only" in the allocation settings. Please refer to the screenshot provided below.

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