Buy ZCN for Storage

Purchase ZCN token to use as payment for storage services within the Blimp platform.


  1. Please choose your preferred allocation method (Direct Storage, S3 Server, or Cloud Migration) and confirm the amount to be locked.

  1. Click the "Buy" button. Refer to the screenshot below for reference.

  1. Proceed by selecting "Buy with ERC Token."

  1. Connect your Metamask wallet.

  1. Specify the purchase amount (minimum 1 ZCN) and click "Next."

  1. Provide your Metamask or Ethereum wallet address.

  1. Blimp will execute the transaction and prompt you to confirm it in Metamask.

The transaction will take place in multiple stages, including:

  1. Swap: Exchanging ETH tokens for ZCN-ERC.

  2. Increase Allowance: A higher allowance or gas limit typically signifies that the transaction will require more processing and prioritization.

  3. Burn: Burning a specific amount of the currency with each trade.

  4. Mint: Creating new units of the currency to replace those that were burned.

Please note that you will need to confirm transactions on Metamask at each stage. Refer to the screenshot on the upper right for reference.

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