Monitor Blobbers

Effortlessly Review and Manage Blobber Resource Usage Using Chimney


  1. To access Blobber resource usage details with ease, navigate to the Chimney dashboard and select the "Monitor" option. This specific section is clearly highlighted in the screenshot below:

  1. Chimney will present a comprehensive breakdown of resource usage pertaining to a Blobber.

Here's an overview of Blobber resources:

  • Total Space: The overall storage capacity provided by the server.

  • Unallocated Storage (in GB): Storage space that remains unallocated for specific allocations.

  • Allocated: The storage space consumed by allocated resources.

  • Used: The storage space utilized by user data files within the allocation.

  • CPU Usage: The percentage of CPU resources utilized by the storage server.

  • Memory Usage: The percentage of memory resources used by the storage server.

  • Disk Usage: The percentage of disk resources occupied by the storage server.

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