Replace Blobber

This page provides instructions on how to replace blobber to existing allocation using Blimp.

At times, a storage provider, commonly referred to as a "blobber," may experience malfunctions or exhibit faults. Alternatively, it might operate sluggishly due to its geographical distance from your location. In such situations, it becomes necessary to either add a new blobber or replace the existing one.


  1. Navigate to the Blimp website and choose your preferred allocation option, which includes Multi-Cloud Storage, S3 Server, and Cloud Migration.

  2. Locate the desired allocation options by clicking on the three dots menu. These three dots are highlighted within a black box in the screenshot provided below:

  1. Click the "Remove Blobber" button.

  1. Choose the blobber that you wish to remove from the current allocation.

  1. Select the blobber you intend to remove and proceed by clicking "Next."

  1. Now, pick a new blobber to add and confirm your selection.

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