Get permanent storage for your NFTs with Chalk

Key Features

Cost-Effective Storage

Rest easy with Chalk's permanent storage; say goodbye to cost concerns.

Effortless NFT Minting

Minting NFTs for your collection is a breeze with Chalk – no coding required.

A Glimpse of Your NFT Collection

Easily explore your top-tier NFT assets with a single glance.

Streamlined NFT Modifications

Restrict uploads solely to the allocation for mutations, eliminating all file operation permissions for absolute immutability.

Getting Started with Chalk

Chalk offers a comprehensive set of actions for users, ranging from creating their own NFT collections, exploring existing collections, viewing and managing their NFTs, and withdrawing earnings from successful NFT sales. Additionally, users have the ability to manage and curate their NFT collections over time. Here is a point-by-point summary for the features related to Chalk and NFT management:

  1. Sign up to Chalk

    • The first step is to create an account on the Chalk platform by signing up.

    • This involves providing your personal information and creating login credentials.

  2. Create an NFT Collection

    • After signing up, users can create their own NFT (Non-Fungible Token) collection.

    • This entails selecting a theme or subject for the collection and uploading the digital assets that will become NFTs.

  3. Explore NFT Collection

    • Users can browse through the various NFT collections available on the Chalk platform.

    • This allows discovering and appreciating the unique digital artwork and collectibles created by others.

  4. View your NFTs

    • Once an NFT collection is created, users can view and manage their own NFTs.

    • This involves organizing, tracking, and possibly editing the properties or descriptions of your NFTs.

  5. Withdraw NFT Earnings

    • If users have sold NFTs or earned income from their collections, they can withdraw their earnings from the Chalk platform.

    • Withdrawal options may include transferring funds to a linked account or cryptocurrency wallet.

  6. Manage NFT Collections

    • Users can manage their NFT collections, which includes adding new NFTs, editing collection details, and making updates as needed.

    • This is essential for maintaining and curating one's digital art and collectibles on the platform.

  7. Buy ZCN via Credit Card

    • Users can purchase ZCN tokens, possibly the platform's native cryptocurrency, using their credit card, enabling them to engage in NFT investments on the Chalk platform.

  8. Buy ZCN via ERC token

    • Alternatively, users can purchase ZCN tokens through ERC-20 compatible tokens for NFT investments within the Blimp platform

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