Create NFT Collection

This page provides instructions on how to create a NFT collection.

  1. Sign up for Chalk and select "Create a Collection."

Note: Ensure that you have the MetaMask wallet extension installed in your browser and it's connected to Chalk.

  1. Provide the symbol, collection name, and a description for your NFT, then click "Next

  1. Chalk will guide you through creating an allocation for storing your NFTs. Choose your preferred storage size and click "Create Allocation."

  1. Select your preferred payment method for creating the allocation.

  1. In this guide, we will use ERC tokens for payment. If you'd like to learn how to pay with a credit card, refer to this guide. Click "Buy with ERC Token" and then "Continue."

  1. Review and confirm the total storage space (allocation) for storing your NFT.

Note: The amount you need to lock should be equal to or greater than the amount needed for the purchase and should be available in your wallet. 7. You can either make the payment from your existing wallet balance or purchase more ERC tokens. Here's a guide to help you with this process.

  1. Provide pricing for your NFT collection, specify the maximum quantity of NFTs to be minted, set the royalty percentage, and then click "Deploy Contract."

  1. In a matter of seconds, the contract will be deployed, and Chalk will furnish you with a Contract ID. Click on "Go to Profile" to view your NFT collection.

  1. Your collection will be listed in your profile. As you scroll down, you'll be able to see the royalties earned from your NFT collection.

  1. Click on the collection to view the NFT items. Refer to the screenshot below.

  1. Clicking on the collection will reveal the NFT items contained within it.

  1. Select a particular item to view its creator, collection, and additional details.

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