Zbox CLI

A CLI to interface the Züs storage network

ZboxCLI is a Go based command-line interface (CLI) tool used for managing storage operations on the Züs distributed storage platform. Built using Züs GoSDK ,the ZboxCLI tool provides a convenient way to interact with the blockchain, storage, and smart contracts.

ZboxCLI provides features such as storage allocation, downloading, and sharing of files and folders on the Züs dStorage platform.

Allocation Management

Zbox CLI provides a simple way to create and manage storage spaces on Züs decentralized storage network.

Private File Management

Another feature offered by Zbox CLI is file management. You can upload, download and delete files from dStorage. Not only that, you can even share encrypted files.

Storage Pool Management

With the help of Zbox CLI, you can manage pools. You can create read pools, check pool info and even lock tokens in the read pool.Read more about pools here.

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