Add a Blobber

Blobber is a fully-featured interface service that enables storage providers(blobbers) to communicate with a 0Chain decentralized network for selling their storage space on the open market. With Blobber, storage providers are capable of performing storage transactions of any size while providing a single source of truth for storage data.

Powered with Docker

Blobber leverages docker containers for storage providers to ensure consistency and standardization across the entire network. Containers allow quick replications of blobber instances while reducing the amount of time required to set up environments and resolve debugging issues.

Reduced Complexity

With Blobber, changing and specifying the different configurations for storage providers can be done with few manual changes. In addition, the blobber information can be easily viewed through a browser dashboard which shows all the relevant information including used space, blobber id, capacity, and allocations.

SSL Secured

Blobber is securely developed to interact with the 0Chain blockchain network for a reliable worldwide decentralized Cloud. All the communication is encrypted at rest and transit through https (Secure Socket Layer) to protect data relating to transactions, identity or privacy

Integrated Infrastructure Layer

Blobber services provide an integrated layer of infrastructure services including networking, storage, load balancer, DNS, and security to power storage transactions. These services can be deployed through docker-engine which can run on any Linux hosts or cloud.

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