Sell ZCN

Easily sell ZCN tokens using bolt.

  1. Please click on "Sell ZCN" located on the left side of the Bolt app.

  1. A popup will appear, prompting you to connect your Metamask Wallet. Click on "Connect to MetaMask."

  1. The Metamask wallet popup will appear in your browser window. Please unlock and connect it with Bolt. Refer to the screenshot below for guidance.

  1. Enter the amount of ZCN you wish to sell and then click "Next."

  1. Optionally, provide your email to receive a receipt of your transaction.

  1. Bolt will automatically retrieve your Metamask Ethereum wallet address and confirm the details of the ZCN sale transaction. Click "Next" to confirm.

  1. Bolt will process the sell transaction, which will occur in two stages.

  • Burn: Burning (destroying) a certain amount of the currency each time it is traded.

  • Mint: Minting (creating) new units of the currency to replace the ones that were burned.

  1. Once the sell transaction is successfully processed, you should see a prompt similar to the screenshot below:

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