Step 6: Starting the blobber containers

To start all the blobber containers navigate to the blobber/docker.local/blobber|i> directories and run the start script. For instance, let's run 2 blobbers.

  1. Open two different terminal tabs and first navigate to the blobber/docker.local/blobber1 directory using

cd blobber/docker.local/blobber1
  1. Run the following command for starting the blobber


Wait till blobber is ready to listen to requests. Here is a screenshot of blobber up and running.

Note: If you are getting insufficient balance to pay fee errors when starting blobbers, you can turn off fees in 0chain.yaml.server_chain.smart_contract.miner by adjusting true to false.

  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 by changing the blobber directory to (blobber 2,3 etc) in new terminal tabs to start more blobbers

Notes :

  • Run each blobber on the new terminal tab

  • To avoid errors, run the command specified in step 2 by only navigating to blobber directories.

  • If you are not able to locate blobber directories, have a look at the Initialize the blobber directories section.

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