Add a Miner/Sharder

0miner enables service providers to join the Züs decentralized network to buy and sell storage on an open market. By easily scaling functionalities of Züs components( miners, sharders and blobbers),0miner ensures fast operations in an automated manner.


Simplified Operations with MicroK8s

0miner deployment leverages Microk8s- a small, lightweight, Kubernetes distribution from Canonical for simplicity and performance. Microk8s supports easy deployment with a single command install on Linux, Windows, and macOS and provides pain-free storage scaling for Züs data. 0miner storage also allows the addition of storage disks to provide a convenient way to request and consume Züs data.

Pod Management with Rancher

0miner deployment can be managed using the Rancher dashboard which shows all the relevant information about pods at a glance, including enabled features, providers, entry points, and routers. In addition, it enables easy inspection and error reporting for Kubernetes resources

Logging with Kibana

0miner improves Züs functionality by utilizing Kibana for data visualization and exploration. Kibana can be run on-premises, on Amazon EC2 to interactively inspect large log files, and drill down on reports to extract actionable insights from your data. Using Kibana’s pre-built aggregations and filters, dashboards and reports are easily viewed in the browser for cluster overview.

Resource Monitoring with Grafana

0miner enables grafana capabilities to provide a straightforward, easy-to-use way to manage resource usage between microservices on a cluster. Features include histograms, Geo maps, alerts, and triggers

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