Züs Chalk NFT app provides permanent storage for your NFTs.

Why use Züs Chalk App for NFT's

Permanent Storage

Chalk's permanent storage allows artists not to worry about cost.

Codeless NFT Minting

Minting with Chalk is simple. Set up an owner mint, public mint or random pack mint process for your collection today.

Explore NFT as a story

Use carousel to browse through high quality assets of a NFT.

Chalk makes NFT mutation dead simple. Just upload another image.

  • Allow only uploads to the allocation for mutations.

  • No update, delete, copy or move operation are allowed.

  • Remove all file operation permissions for immutability.

Chalk lets you sell a collection or pack.

  • Sell your collection or pack anytime.

  • Transfer ownership of the allocation to your buyer.

  • Hassle free sale.

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