Deploy Blobber on Rented Server

This page provides instructions on how to deploy blobber via Chimney on rented server.


Please follow the server configuration pre-requisites as given below:-

  1. The server should be running ubuntu linux version >= 20.04LTS

  2. The user used for setup should be the root user, or have sudo privileges.

  3. If you have software/hardware raid on HDD, please mount it to this path: /var/0chain/blobber/hdd.

  4. If you have software/hardware raid on SSD, please mount it to this path: /var/0chain/blobber/ssd

  5. If you don't have hardware raid on SSD/HDD, you need to set software raid and mount the disks as specified in step3 & step4 above. Also create an entry in /etc/fstab file, so that it gets mounted automatically whenever server gets restarted.


  1. Head to the chimney website and click on Host a Server.

  2. Once you've completed the sign-up process, there are two methods for configuring a Blobber: You can either rent a server for the Blobber or deploy the Blobber and validator on your own server. In this scenario, we will be opting to deploy the Blobber on a rented server, so please proceed to Step 1: Rent.

  1. Chimney will present you with various server rental options. Click on the provided links to access the respective provider pages and initiate the payment process for renting servers. Below, you'll find an extensive list of server providers and their specifications.

  1. Once you've secured your rented server, navigate to the 'Deploy' option. The 'Deploy' button can be found below the rental choices within the Chimney application. Refer to the screenshot below:

  1. For more detailed instructions on deploying the Blobber on your rented server, please refer to the Deploy Blobber section.

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