Testing All Functionalities

The page provides instructions on how to test all functionalities of sample App.

Building the Code:

  1. To run the sample app code connect a physical android device to the system and enable USB debugging.

  2. Click on green play button on the upper right to build project and run code on your device(samsung GM-781B)(see screenshot below for reference)

Note: Please view all Screenshots below by clicking on them , by default the file will show an enlarged version of the screenshot.

Here is a screenshot of an app running in an android device :


Bolt/Wallet Functionalities Fragment

Wallet Functionalities include send/recieve token and getting tokens into wallet via faucet.

Send Token

Receive Token

Wallet Details

Network Details

Allocation Details

Uploading File to Allocation

To upload file to allocation, click on Vult and Upload Image.

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