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Go Binaries

Installation instructions for Go can be found here.


  1. Clone the gosdk repo

git clone
  1. Save below code as sdkversion.go in the gosdk directory.

   package main

  import (


  func main() {
      fmt.Println("gosdk version: ", zcncore.GetVersion())
  1. Run the below command to download the gosdk package: (if you don't have gosdk already in your GOPATH)

  go get
  1. Build the sample application sdkversion using the command below

  go build -o sdkversion sdkversion.go
  1. Run the executable

  1. If it prints the gosdk version installed then you have successfully installed 0chain gosdk.

Sample Response:

   gosdk version:  v1.8.9-57-g7fbdcff

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